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Blogger Template Customization Service

Blogger template customization service available here, is providing web design services and also blogger template install, customize, redesign etc. If you bought premium blogger template for your blog and need to customize then you can get our service for any kind of editing and redesign of Blogger Template Customize.

Blogger templates are xml based coded theme and it doesn’t support php so before you want to get a feature from us you can discuss about it then we will ensure what is possible and what is not. You can make a free blogspot blog for personal or business and if you need any beautiful blogger template then we can help you to find out from marketplaces. You can get lot of free blogger templates at online but very few give you opportunity to use without their footer credits. There is another service from that is we will simply hide the footer credit of your free blogger template so that you can use it hiding the developer info if you want. Many people don’t like to have any other link on their site’s footer so thats why this is an another service from use.

Some popular blogger template designer design, free blogger themes for customer and they also provide premium themes with a fare price so its better to have premium blogger template for your blog. If you already purchased a premium blogger theme for your blogspot site and don’t know how to customize it, you need to hire someone then we are here to install and customize your blogger template.

What services I provide for blogger template customization services ? We will install Customize or Modify Your Custom and Professional Blog and Website on Blogger. Let’s see the list of our service for blogger template customize.

blogger template customization

List of Blogger template customization services

1. Find template(free or premium) as you want on your budget.
2. Install and setup same as demo theme.
3. Remove theme copyright and info note and author meta data.
4. Add Menu and links.
5. Add Facebook like box, social share options and disqus comment box.
6. Social Plugins (Google plus,Facebook,Twitter etc.)
7. Add Widgets in template.
8. Email Subscription widget.
9. Feedburner (RSS…) widget.
10. Youtube video integration (for video based templates).
11. Add live weather widget.
12. Add Contact us page and live support.
13. Add live chat.
14. Add social sharing button.
15. Add your Logo (if you already have one).
16. Install slideshow in homepage.
17. Hide sidebar in homepage.
18. Make static page (for uploading html code) hiding header footer sidebar and comment box and full width.
19. Top level domain setup with blogspot free blog.
20. Google plus subscription widget.
21. Instagram follow widget.
22. Twitter follow widget.
23. Insert ads code in post page.
24. SEO plugin install for blogspot blog.
25. Auto refresh coding after a time can be 5 minuet/10 minuet. (increase page view & ads view)
26. Adsense approval site check up.
27. Keyword research for targeted topic.
28. Blogspot site content post and image upload.
29. Static widget on sidebar.
30. Show widget on homepage only or post page only.

Its guaranteed that you will 100% satisfy with our work like all of clients. We have install many blogger templates for our clients from USA, UK, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Russia, Canda, Belgium, Germany and daily we getting order from many countries.

Blogger template customization site category

Though we edited and customized many blogger templates but if you want to know category based site then here is the list.

  1. Recipe blog
  2. Professional service blog
  3. Dentist blog
  4. Designer service blog
  5. Travel blog
  6. Video sharing blog
  7. Portfolio blog
  8. Magazine blog
  9. Newspaper blog
  10. Image sharing blog
  11. SMS, Quote publishing blog

You can get any template from any where or you can select us to find one for you. We start form 15$ only so order us for getting your service and you can also ask us for simple editing like font resize, border remove, color changing within 5$ only.

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